Work Socially

When given the choice, people are drawn to the places that make them feel the best and most productive. What we’ve known as the “office” has evolved into a place of social context—way more collaborative than it’s ever been. After all, interaction with colleagues makes us happiest at work. These restorative activities are just as critical to the creative process as high-focus work—and significant for innovation to occur. Social spaces are flexible, communal, and inspiring, so people can pause, gather, connect, and refresh.

In this video, see how Marshall's Landing created social spaces for today's worker at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

Work Anywhere

Social spaces set you apart from the crowd—to recruit and retain the best employees, and impress customers. They may be indoors or out, often with access to natural daylight. They provide people with options—from lounge areas to height-adjustable tables that facilitate posture changes—and offer inspiration in open-plan environments.

Working Anywhere is Expected

Haworth features furnishings from global designers and artisans that bring design to new heights.

See our broad portfolio of Social Spaces products—everything you need for warmth and comfort in the places people crave.

Social Spaces DYO

Create spaces that engage, refresh, and inspire collaboration. Start by selecting the right product for your space, then configure to your design specification. Save for later, or share with others now. Let's get started.


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