Spaces to Focus at Work 

The research is clear: Distractions at work impede performance. People need places to concentrate on specific tasks. Workspace features that communicate where focus work takes place are essential. Based on our research, we can help manage distracting sights and sounds that interrupt thinking through workplace design.

5 Ways to Improve Focus at Work

How big is the problem of lack of focus in the workplace? A study shows “individual focused work at their desk” is the most important work activity for middle-age workers. See 5 elements that can help improve focus and productivity.


Can’t Focus at Work?

Focus work is difficult to define. It’s more than just doing work alone. To understand how focus work gets done and what can sabotage it, we conducted a series of experiments in Haworth’s Human Performance Lab. See what we’ve learned and key takeaways for your workplace.


Improve Focus without an Office Redesign

Open-office floorplans have perceived barriers to privacy. The drive to design legible spaces and territories or zones is on the rise to combat distractions at work. See the research behind a trend that’s here to stay along with some practical solutions.


Sounds Like Focus at Work 

Knowledge workers say noise and lack of speech privacy are their top dissatisfiers. Focus work is at its best when levels of speech intelligibility are controlled and privacy is honored. Need to plan for acoustics and give individuals control of their surroundings? See our acoustic design guide for trends, tips, applications, and more.  

Haworth Upside height adjustable table in a office space

Workspace Design for Insulated Focus

What are the 3 culprits that sabotage focus work? Distractions. Interference. Interruptions. Your workplace strategy for insulating focus work starts with culture. Next, define the space where focus work happens to manage visual and auditory distractions, off-task information, and interruptions. We can help you bring it all together.


Haworth Openest booth in Coretrust office

Focus: A True Living Lab

Can an entire floor showcase different work environments? This Workplace Innovation Lab offers clients a place to experience the future of work. See how occupants have control of how and where they work, and why others want to do research in these performance-enhancing environments.

Haworth Poppy chair in a conference room

The Cure for Control

Flexible collaboration spaces and workspaces for well-being topped the list of must-haves for this 4,000-square-foot renovation. Space design accommodates acoustical privacy and focus. Product solutions allow workers to control their workspace. Learn how this non-profit found a cure for their uninspiring space.


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