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The Transformation of Inspiration

A dreamer and a do-er, Joseph Tuohy had always been inspired to create and make things. But it wasn’t until the age of 42 that he took a risk and started building furniture in his home. From these humble beginnings, the attitudes and culture of TUOHY were formed. Born of a passion to create furnishings that help make people’s lives more productive and pleasing, TUOHY has always been focused on a more measured economy for customers’ budgets and the environment.

Design that Works

TUOHY’s formula is simple—but not unsophisticated. Working with some of the world’s best industrial designers, TUOHY engages clients in a discussion of needs. Flexible fabrication and systems allow for considerable customization without interruption to production flow or undue cost. To that end, TUOHY offers a profound capacity to solve clients’ problems and challenges with modern executive office furniture that feels made for them.

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A Workplace of Dreams

Today, TUOHY has earned an international position as a premier provider of high-end design and manufacturing for office executive furniture. Much of what TUOHY’s products and services are today has been driven by the collective voices of designers and customers worldwide. TUOHY’s mission is to pair customers’ dreams for a better workplace with the Midwestern ethic that defines the brand—to make those dreams a reality.

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