We create shared value across everything we do. Our approach is rooted in our Values and supports the people, communities, and planet that we serve. We craft each distinct Organic Workspace with this idea in mind, helping your team perform their best – with minimal impact to our planet.

Our 2025 Commitments

We think beyond our business with a collective purpose to make the world better. In our journey to becoming a sustainable corporation, we’ve set ambitious targets


People & Community

We empower our 7,000+ members around the world to connect and bring a spirit of optimism, drive, inclusiveness, and appreciation for service.
We recognize that our success is intrinsically linked to the health and vitality of the communities where we live and work. It is an honor and privilege to apply the assets, capabilities, and resources that help make us successful to efforts that help communities thrive.

2021 Highlight
Haworth members contribute to community prosperity around the world, engaging in several volunteering events in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America.
More than 46,800 hours of training provided to members globally.

Circular Economy

A circular economy optimizes continual use of resources, reducing waste, and enabling a closed loop system. It is one of the biggest opportunities to design a sustainable future – and an essential part of our strategy.

2021 Highlight
We offer sustainably designed products to meet customers seeking a variety of certifications.
130+ GREENGUARD-certified products
34 BIFMA LEVEL 3 products in North America
35 European LEVEL 3 products in Europe
27 BIFMA LEVEL 1 products in Asia Pacific

We supported customers in diverting material from the landfill and repurposing used furniture. We also expanded our network of partners for circular services, establishing new collaborations with e.g., Deartree in China and Label Emmaüs in France.

Operational Performance

As we focus on improving our global footprint, manufacturing and environmental responsibility are not trade-offs – neither are profit and people. We continue to seek opportunities to address the environmental impact of our business in all facets of our operations.

2021 Highlight
Our plant in St. Hilaire, France, managed to divert more than 600 tonnes of wood waste from waste to energy to recycling in 2021, leading to reduced carbon emissions from waste treatment by 174 tonnes CO2eq.

Within our North American manufacturing sites 401 tonnes CO2eq could be avoided through installing variable speed drives on pump and dust collection motors, a compressed air flow controller, and the use of an energy-efficient, fibercutting laser.

We continue to engage our supply chain to achieve our goal of 100% wood verified from sustainable sources and maintain chain of custody certifications according to FSC and/or PEFC. In 2021, we extended the scope of our FSC certification and included our plant in India.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Making the world better is one of Haworth’s foundational, company-wide values. This philosophy guides our members every day. Through our research, development, and the actualization of creative, sustainable solutions, we help protect and restore the environment, support and strengthen global communities, and inspire well-being, creating shared value – now and for the future.


Gender Pay Equality

Haworth France has achieved a rating of 79/100.
Based on statistic gathered in 2022.
An analysis of 187 employees across 3 office locations in France.