Spaces for Hybrid Working 

Mobility matters. That means companies need policies, physical spaces, and tools that enable employees to work where, when, and how they perform best. Attract and retain talent by offering choices and spaces for work from home, at the office, and beyond.

3 Reasons for Unassigned Workspaces

Hot-desking. Hoteling. Activity-based workspaces. Unassigned workspaces optimize more than space itself—it’s really about people. See why business leaders are taking advantage of the benefits of unassigned workspaces.


6 Lessons We Can Learn from Coworking Spaces

A survey in Harvard Business Review found that people who use coworking spaces see their work as more meaningful. The trend toward these collaborative spaces is expected to grow. See 6 design principles from coworking spaces that can be adopted for corporate workplaces.


Crafting High-Performing Teams Wherever They Work

Group work often yields better outcomes than individual work. See why leaders should invest energy into goals, processes, and boundaries to craft high-performing teams—whether they are in the same space or not.


Providing Equitable Collaborative Team Experiences

Keeping all members of a team engaged and productive to actively participate in collaborative efforts is integral to a work-from-anywhere culture. See how digital workstream collaborative technology can yield high impact.


Why It Pays to Invest in Home Office Spaces for Employees

Maintaining workflow is vital in a hybrid work climate. Learn more about mirroring the workplace at home, the difference supportive furniture makes, and other key replicable factors that support employees who toggle between home and the office.

Haworth Height Adjustable table in a office space

Research Informs Unassigned Workspaces

Haworth partnered with a design firm to explore the connection between features that are most important to work performance and the connection to the office. See specific findings around impact on employee satisfaction, performance, and stress, as well as choice of where to sit.


Haworth Hi Pad stools in white upholstery in an office space

Dynamic Zones for Hybrid Working

Remote or on-site, to quote the client, “the future for LinkedIn is one where the best workspaces in the world support the best experiences for people to do the best work of their lives.” Spaces for engineers support mobility within neighborhoods, offering flexibility to quickly toggle between working individually and as a team.

Hawoth Zody chair and Upside Height Adjustable table in a work from home scenario

Supporting a Mobile Workforce

With many employees spending most of their days at client sites, time spent in the office is a precious opportunity to connect and collaborate in-person at this New York office. A corporate purchase program allowed workers to select height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs for their home setups.


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