Spaces That Engage Employees

What impacts employee engagement for your organization? The answers are unique to your culture. Workplace design serves as a connection between how employees feel about the company and what motivates them to do their best work. The right physical environment, including social spaces, can tip the scales toward better engagement.

5 Reasons to Bring Back the Watercooler

The watercooler is finding its way back into the office and not just for hydration. In our world of virtual connections, informal gathering and socializing in person offer benefits we often don’t think about. See the 5 main reasons every office should have watercooler-type spaces.


Inspiring Human Connection at Work

There is a connection between interaction, loneliness, and well-being. Offering people a choice to work wherever they perform their best is essential. See why companies are investing more in their office programs and physical spaces to entice people to come into the office more often.

Haworth Resonate lounge inside a Pergola workspace

Social Spaces for Employee Engagement 

The “office” is a place of social context. Interaction with colleagues makes us happiest at work. When given the choice, employees are drawn to the places that make them feel the best and most productive. Download our design guide, explore space designs, and more to support the benefits of employee engagement.


Workspace Design to Foster Happiness

Happiness is connected to organizational metrics such as productivity and retention. The goal of “happiness” is a new metric for success in work and life, leading to more engaged, higher-performing, and healthier employees. See our research findings, and how workspace design can be leveraged for employee happiness and meaningful work.

Haworth outdoor furniture in American Water office view 2

Primed for Employee Engagement

With headquarter operations spread throughout 4 locations, keeping everything flowing to engage employees was a challenge for this growing company. Learn how access to public transportation, social spaces, and open-air gathering spots primed this utility company to bring their people together and support community.

Haworth Ginger chair in black and orange upholstery in a casual space

Engaging Employees in Redesign

To redesign its headquarters, a nationwide cooperative asked their workforce for input and feedback. They created 15 engagement committees, providing all employees the opportunity to participate in research, discussions, and recommendations. See how employee engagement generated ideas to bring the space to life.


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