Very Side and Seminar


By Nicolai Czumaj-Bront & Michael Welsh

The Very Side and Seminar chairs deliver international design with a smart, slender profile that celebrates their light scale and airy aesthetic.

Very Side and Seminar Overview

    • China


Revit Individual Model

Very Side | Perforated Seminar Chair

Very Side | Perforated Tetro


Responsive Comfort and Performance

Very side and seminar chairs have built-in intelligence for user comfort. The seminar chair’s unique intuitive recline ensures weight is absorbed and distributed to provide natural support. And side-to-side torsional flex allows the backrest to follow the body’s movements, increasing mobility and comfort, so people can stay focused and engaged. Choose a flexing perforated back or the Tetro™ back, which delivers soft yet reliable support and unexpected comfort in an innovative one-piece seat back.

A Family with Universal Appeal

Born of global design, the Very family of seating unites people and spaces with a sustainable, full-floorplate solution. This multi-dimensional line of chairs and stools delivers visual continuity to create a cohesive look and feel throughout the entire workplace—from workstations to cafés, and training spaces to conference rooms.

Simple and Flexible

With a light-scale design, Very side and seminar chairs fit anywhere you need them, while conveniently stacking for storage when not in use. A choice of casters or glides provides the right amount of easy mobility for any application, now and into the future. Available with or without arms, Very side and seminar chairs come in a wide array of colors and materials to create a look that complements any style and environment—from sleek and modern to classic and elegant.