By Emmanuel Dietrich

Epure features a highly adaptable design and no tool assembly with Diabolo system. Flexibility to reorganize workspace is provided with no compromise on ergonomics and functionality in a sustainable way.

Epure Overview

Workspace reorganizations are regular and need to be efficient. Companies are looking for furniture which can easily support their moving organizations. That’s why they need flexible and agile furniture. The idea behind Epure is to offer functional solutions that suit the different workstyles thanks to a wide statement of line.

    • Epure’s beamless structure means that a variety of organic shapes can be easily created.
    • Diabolo® Knob for leg and top installation makes the reconfiguration easy and simple.
    • The angled design leg provides Epure an architectural visual experience and the timber leg supports softer residential aesthetic.
    • A wide variety of top shapes and configurations can be created to support variety of applications and settings.
    • Single/Double/Side Bench
    • Rectangular Desk
    • Double Workstation
    • L Shape Desk
    • 120 Degree Desk
    • Extension Desk
    • Meeting Table
    • Leg Structure
    • Cable Management
    • Accessory