Workplace Landscape: Research Into Understanding Knowledge Workers

AIA Course #: HAW575
IDCEC Course #: 103292; HSW
Subject Code: 4 Design Specialties / 1.Corporate/Office

Course Description:

This course explores what shared values knowledge workers carry with them through behavioral shifts and business related changes. Understanding continuous elements that influence work and how work gets done are critical to our perspective on what the work environment will be in the future. Results from a primary and secondary research study exploring these factors; along with content for planning environments based from this learned knowledge, are shared within this presentation.

Course Objectives:

Understand how the primary research was conducted and why this methodology was chosen to cover the complete landscape of knowledge workers.
Express the key findings of the research and how these will affect the expectations of workers.
Discuss key implications of these findings and the validation conducted to verify these findings.
Interpret the results and share planning frameworks that could be applied to projects going forward.

Content Outline:

1. Introduction and overview of the session
2. Overview of current workplace, explain methodology of research and 3rd party research firm
3. Overview of main key finding from research
4. Effects on the characteristics of space
5. What this means for “atmospheres” of spaces
6. Review of all findings and implications
7. Action steps/solutions resulting from research findings
8. Conclusion | Question & Answer