Improving Business Performance Through The New Workplace

AIA Course #: HAW578
IDCEC Course #: CC-103495; HSW
Subject Code: 2. Interior Design / 1. Universal Design

Course Description: 

Today we are at a critical juncture of rapid change in the workplace. Advances in technology and a truly global economy have impacted when, where and how business is conducted. Alternative workplace strategies are becoming mainstream in theory and practice. Welcome to the NEW WORKPLACE!

The work environment includes an intentional integration of organization, people, space and technology. We will explore what is really at the root of change in the workplace today, beyond reduction of real estate costs and outdated space.

Course Objectives:

Understand changing dynamics of the workplace and relevance to business success.
Learn how to create a holistic approach, collaborating across business units.
Visualize what the new workplace looks like.
Share a case study for Agile Work.

Content Outline:

1. Setting context for the new workplace
2. Learn key attributes of how the workplace is evolving
3. Understand business performance in context of organization, human and facilities
4. Visualize what the new workplace looks like
5. Examine an Activity Space Framework
6. Sharing an Agile Work Program
7. Defining a 12-Step Program for success
8. Conclusion | Question & Answer