Green Building and Sustainable Goals

AIA Course #: HAW562; HSW
IDCEC Course #: CC-103206; HSW
USGBC Course #: 0920001839
Subject Code: 5. Technical Knowledge / 20. Sustainable and/ore Environmental Design

One Hour Course

Course Description:

The growing practice of building Green and establishing sustainability goals is driving the need to better understand the differences between conventional construction concepts and methods vs. the use of modular interiors. This session examines and compares the advantages and disadvantages of both. Using client case studies and One Haworth Center, global headquarters of Haworth Inc. as examples, attendees will examine specific approaches and applications that will enable them to understand and quantify the benefits of an integrated project delivery, and explore the benefits and advantages of designing and installing modular interiors in the pursuit of building Green and Sustainable facilities.

Course Objectives:

o Compare the advantages and disadvantages of conventional construction vs. modular interiors.
o Quantify the benefits and advantages of an integrated project delivery.
o Identify the qualitative advantages of a modular interior.
o Explore examples of other LEED projects to better understand the benefits from designing this way.

Content Outline:

1. Introduction and overview of session.
2. Discussion centering on the rise of Green Building and Sustainability and the impact this has had in reevaluating and challenging conventional building methods.
3. Examine and compare specific methods involved in conventional building and in modular interiors applications.
4. Using case studies of building projects, examine methods used, assessing which best supports achieving Green and Sustainable building objectives.
5. Conclusion | Question & Answer