Collaboration: The Ways We Work Together

AIA Course #: HAW563
IDCEC Course #: CC-103465
Subject Code: 2. Interior Design / 10. Space Planning

One Hour Course

Course Description: 

Collaboration or team based activity, is a rapidly rising practice in our work life but involves more than just gathering people together in the office. If not thoughtfully approached, it can be difficult to experience the full value it offers. The key is understanding how an organization’s culture informs its specific collaboration needs. This session examines the basics of Collaboration; what it is, how it works, what influences it, the strategies of supporting it in ways such as space planning and furniture selection, and the benefits of practicing it.

Course Objectives:

◦ Definition of Collaboration with an understanding of physical and social workplace implications.
◦ Identify types of Collaboration and the purpose they serve.
◦ Discuss the value that collaboration brings to business.
◦ Examine the different types of Collaboration and identify notable characteristics that define them.

Content Outline:

1. Examine and discuss the definition of Collaboration.
2. Identify and explore the impact of several trends that influence Collaboration.
3. Introduce and discuss how Organizational Culture supports or impedes Collaboration and highlight the business benefits of successful Collaboration practices.
4. Introduce Modes of Collaboration with discussion on their attributes and design implications they present.
5. Conclusion | Question & Answer