Openest Collection

Designed for Haworth by Patricia Urquiola, Openest is an ensemble of lounge furniture for the new landscape of today’s work environments.
The visual and tactile softness of the Chick pouf offers approachable comfort that adapts to people’s needs. When used as side seating, the back envelopes you like an eggshell, creating a cozy nook. Use the pull-tab to flip the back down, and the Chick becomes an ottoman or auxiliary surface for work tools and personal items.

Specs & Downloads


With Back

SH: 18″(457mm)
TH: 37.75″(959mm)
SD: 18.75″(476mm)
TD: 25.2″(640mm)
W: 26″(660mm)

Without Back

H: 18″(457mm)
D: 22.5″(572mm)
W: 23.25″(591mm)

*Additional details available in Openest Collection Price List

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