Data Centers

Performance and Durability

Haworth has built on TecCrete's legendary performance and durability by adding technology-friendly surface finishes and high-efficiency airflow panels to create the TecCrete Data Center, an advanced system of access flooring products engineered specifically for critical computing and telecommunications environments.

Industry Leading Warranty

The TecCrete System is backed by a five-year structural warranty.  Haworth extends a three-year warranty against delamination of high pressure laminate or vinyl - The longest protection in the industry.

Extremely Efficient Cooling Solutions

The TecCrete system offers a full line of panel options to cool the space efficiently.  TecCrete's offering can cool the entire server rack and reduce cooling requirements dramatically, as well as, assist in balancing heat loads within the data center.  

Minimize Cooling Loss

Optional air seals on TecCrete panels provide compression fit that reduces cooling loss through panel seams by as much as 90% over conventional unsealed data center floors.  Air seals provide improved air-containment within the data center plenum, creating improved airflow to grate or perforated panels at the server racks.

The Latest Finishing Technology

TecCrete can be used bare with field applied Electraseal ESD or Electra-guard conductive coatings yielding superior function and increased life expectancy as compared to factory finished high pressure laminate panels.

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Positioning Tab - 4

    Built-in positioning tabs on every stringer eliminate racking or skewing of panel grids.

Proprietary Concrete and Steel Composite Design - 3

    Solid rolling load support.
    Steel shear tabs cause the concrete and steel to behave as a single composite material, combining compressive strength and tensile strength for unmatched static and dynamic load performance.
    Industry's only weldless steel pan ensures structural integrity throughout product lifecycle.

Ground Path - 5

    Multi-point grounding for dependable static protection and electrical safety.
    Two points of metal-to-metal contact at each corner offer eight points of ground path redundancy on every panel.

Reduced Airborne Contaminants - 2

    Structural concrete won't flake during installation.
    Limit dust in day-to-day operations.

Full Panel Thickness - 1

    Superior load-bearing support.
    Solid 1 1/8” or 1 1/2” thick throughout entire panel.
    Full panel thickness rests on understructure, eliminating structural vulnerability at panel edge and corner.

TecCrete Superior Performance Features