Flexible. Comprehensive. Sustainable.

LIM is a multi-purpose, multi-task LED lighting family that offers design continuity and freedom. Its simple, elemental structure is versatile and can be used in many applications. 


Along with a slim, rotatable arm that enables the user to redirect the light, Lim employs a magnetic attachment system that makes it effortlessly portable and adjustable.


A study in reductionism, Lim is not so much a lamp as it is a conduit of light. Its minimalist form shapes a plane of illumination powered by an equally minimalist light source — a continuous array of high-output, energy-efficient LEDs discreetly concealed in its armature.


  • More efficient than incandescent lights
  • Lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
  • High powered, high quality LEDs
  • Made with 29% recycled content