Harbor Work Lounge

Harbor Work Lounge Sketch - Haworth
Silver Award Best of NeoCon 2013

Designed for Serious Work

The Harbor Work Lounge introduces a new class of contemporary lounge seating for serious work. The relaxed work posture reduces stress while simultaneously increasing confidence and stimulating creativity. 


“The basic concept is with the way technology has been changing, lounge hasn’t been adapted, you’ve added a few tables but that’s it... nothing for the way we work and how we live." 

Nicolai Czumaj-Bront - Haworth

- Nicolai Czumaj-Bront (Haworth Design Studio)  

Harbor Work Lounge - Haworth
The suede upholstered seat wing is designed to steady the user’s belongings, such as tablets or notebooks, even as the chair swivels. The tablet slides for easy in-and-out or to push work aside for a break. A matching height adjustable ottoman doubles as a pull up stool for quick collaboration and features a flip-out cup holder.

Harbor Work Lounge and workware Mobile Easel - Haworth