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Rejuvenate. Heal. Inspire.

Haworth Health Environments Showroom
Merchandise Mart, 3rd Floor, 3-121

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We want patients, their families, and staff to feel comfortable, vital, and focused on the future. We help customers create places where people feel better, work better, and thrive.

Haworth Health Environments 2014

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We create welcoming spaces that invoke the comforts of home through tactile and visual elements such as materials, surfaces, and lighting that add color, texture, and warmth. Together with our full array of Haworth furniture, our products create an integrated healthcare environment that is unified in appearance, functional in use, and efficient in operation.

Enter from the corridor into a seating showcase that depicts the main lounge or reception area where patients check in. Lounge seating is featured with both open arms and upholstered arms, with adjacent end tables.

Behind the reception area, and highlighted by a graphic wall that conveys the HHE brand, is a lounge area where staff can rejuvenate.

This area has work surfaces at seated height to accommodate patients with physical limitations, such as those in wheelchairs.

Located behind the nurses’ station is a standing height doctors’ touchdown area with stools so medical professionals can review charts, look at schedules, and interact with nurses.

Along the carpeted area is the nurses’ station, adjacent to clinical areas. The custom façade provides an opportunity for organizational branding or visuals to create a welcoming, soothing atmosphere.

Haworth Health Environments offers a range of seating choices for both the carpeted and uncarpeted areas of healthcare environments. New products include the contemporary Gates Collection, a new arm option for the Conover Collection and a new Conover bariatric recliner patient chair.

For patients who have already checked in for procedures, a waiting area is provided with comfortable seating.

This area depicts one of several small charting stations located through the patient floor where staff can take notes, check charts, etc.

The patient room includes a sleeper sofa for loved ones, a privacy curtain around the bed, and a sink for infection control. A patient communication board with a writable, magnetic surface is incorporated into the Enclose wall. A patient chair and recliner are also provided for additional patient comfort during the healing and recovery process.

The exam room represents either a hospital or doctor’s office. It displays modular casework systems for supply storage.

This infusion therapy area includes comfortable seating for family members who accompany patients requiring procedures such as chemotherapy or dialysis.

Several patients—as well as loved ones—are accommodated at the same time in this community infusion therapy area. The space provides plenty of storage for patient and family belongings.